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Magnet Services can offer a wide range of magnet attachments to fit any make or model of industrial magnet.

Magnet Chains

Magnet attachmentsThe majority of magnets use a three legged chain arrangement secured to the body of the main casing by three lifting lugs. The chains are tested and manufactured to EN 878-4 and issued with a test certificate.

We can supply three legged lifting chains from 5 ton to 20 ton in various leg lengths with different types of ring on a 24 hour turn around. We can supply any link attachment for all types of excavator to carry magnets, grabs, shears, and hammers.

Magnet Top Hats

Magnet Top Hats

The top hat alternative is a simple method for the crane operator to pick the magnet up with his five tine scrap grab, attach the security chain, plug the magnet into the control system and he can use the magnet under the grab to clean and sweep or load in safety.

The top hats are able to fit each magnet .We can supply top hats for any magnet which comes with a safety chain that must be used and fully tested to EN 818-4 standards.

Magnet Quick Hitch Systems

Quick Hitch Systems

This system is for operators with Quick Hitch attachments on their machines and can be a rigid link or connected to a set of three legged chains.