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Magnets Driven by Hammer Circuit

Magnet Hydraulic DrivesMagnets in our lightweight range are available to be driven from the auxiliary circuit already present on many excavators which normally supplies hydraulic flow to breakers and hammers.

The system has been developed to provide the ability to enable the magnet to give fully operational working range including lift at 220 volts and drop (magnet clearance) at 110 volts reverse polarity.  This is controlled by remote control in the drivers cab and can be changed from machine to machine very easily.

Magnet Drives

Scrap Yard MagnetsMagnets working in scrap yards, waste transfer stations and steel works where continuous use is needed are better suited to permanent installations either using a belt driven alternator or using hydraulically driven alternators driven from an auxiliary pump.

This suits the need for quieter running machines where the alternator can be built into the machine without the need to cut into the machine canopies.

Gema Magnet Installations

Gema Magnet Installations

This is a GEMA magnet installation on Liebherr 924 showing compact design and connected to the machines retro fit auxiliary power