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New Magnets

Scrap Handling MagnetsMagnet Services Ltd manufacture a range of circular lifting magnets for use in the scrap industry and steel works with a standard range from 40” (1000mm) diameter to 60” (1500mm) although we can design and make special units for individual customer requirements up to 80”(2030mm). The standard magnet range uses welded steel casings with manganese bumper plates as standard.

We have a heavy duty range of industrial magnets which use a cast steel casing to order. The winding of the magnet coil uses aluminium strip wound on a centre bobbin insulated with polyester insulation boards. The whole unit is then fully encapsulated in either bitumastic pitch or resin.

New Industrial Magnets

Underwater Magnets

Underwater Magnets

Our underwater range of magnets from 45” (1140mm) to 60” (1500mm) can be wound to customer power requirements.  The main coil of the underwater range is contained in a stainless steel casing and fully insulated before fitting in the main casing to protect it from any water ingression.

This is connected to a double terminal box and the magnet lead is terminated through a waterproof cable gland and then protected by a steel braided rubber hose.

We have supplied magnets for use on standard re-handling cranes working on quayside scrap loading duties which are fitted under the grab on an extended chain to clean and retrieve scrap that has been dropped whilst loading. This ensures the berth remains free from scrap steel contamination.

Magnet with selector grab pick up beam – this enables you to pick up the magnet with your selector grab attach a safety chain and use the magnet.  Available for all types and sizes of industrial magnet.

Our policy is one of continuous improvements and we reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.